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Automatic updating cross references in word

Word 2007 provides a cross-reference feature that updates cross-references automatically as you work on your document, even if you add or remove pages.

When the cross-reference is set up properly, the reader clicks the specified text in a document to be taken to a targeted location.

Some examples might be “On the next page” or “On page 24”, so Cross-References can be context-sensitive and will let the user know where the referenced content is in context.

Also, if the print output is being viewed electronically on a screen, they will still behave like hyperlinks and allow users to click on the item and take them to the content.

Now, Figure 1 is created, named "This is figure one.". Working with references Working with references is similar as with figures described above.

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For an online output, a Cross-Reference might look and feel just like a normal hyperlink.

However, when going to a print based format, the Cross-Reference will update and show you where the linked element is contained on the printed page.

You can also synchronize cross-reference formats in a book.When navigating the user to the right content, there’s two ways to point them to the right direction: hyperlinks and Cross-References.A hyperlink is a way for you to architect how a user will get from one place to another. I will show you how using "cross-reference" in MS Word could save you a lot of work. Then, we can insert the figure number into the text, as "Figure 1". What happens if I want to insert another figure at the very beginning of the document. In the dialog box, select the numbering style, then click OK. In the dialog box, select "Numbered item", "Paragraph number", then the reference you want to insert, click "Insert". And same as how it works for the figures we showed above, when reference list is changed, they can be updated automatically by using Ctrl A (or, just highlight the part of the text where the references are inserted), then press F9. Similarly, I created Figure 2, named "This is figure two.". First, lets take a list of references, enable numbering by highlighting the list first, then right-click on the list, select "Bullets and Numbering". Place your cursor to where the reference is to be inserted, then click "Insert" - "Cross-reference".

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Typically they are blue and are underlined, and when a user clicks on it they will be taken to another place, whether it be to another topic, a bookmark in another topic, or to an external website.

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