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Young men (myself included when I was young) think there is something wrong with them because they come (ejaculate) before their partner does. I've not made a survey but I would guess almost all young men are quick to ejaculate. Women in their sixties have told me how quick their partners also in their sixties come.

The feature is being put forward as a way for users to search for a performer who looks like their real-life crushes.

EJACULATE (COME) TOO QUICKLY: I will address this first for the younger and some older men.

They have no problem getting an erection, but they ejaculate too quickly, perhaps even before they go inside.

According to, roughly 5,000 of its performers are live at any given time, and Tech Crunch’s Natasha Lomas reports that the top matches she found for her own uploaded photo were in the 40-50 percent range.

The same news site also reports that the facial recognition API being used is from Microsoft Cognitive Services, though neither nor Microsoft has officially confirmed this.

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It uses facial recognition technology to try to match the face in the photo to a live performer, and it posts an accuracy rating for the match.