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Throughout the process, the core developers of SPDY have been involved in the development of HTTP/2, including both Mike Belshe and Roberto Peon.In February 2015, Google announced that following the recent final ratification of the HTTP/2 standard, support for SPDY would be deprecated, and that support for SPDY would be withdrawn.The requirement for SSL is for security and to avoid incompatibility when communication is across a proxy.SPDY does not replace HTTP; it modifies the way HTTP requests and responses are sent over the wire. But until Flash goes away completely, you can kill it at least within Chrome by going to chrome://plugins/ and clicking on the disable link under Adobe Flash Player.

The new Mozilla Foundation continued the role of managing the daily operations of the project. Firefox Features List from Mozilla Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs.The Mozilla project was created in 1998 with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code that was intended to harness the creative power of thousands of programmers on the Internet.The Firefox project began as an experimental branch of the Mozilla project.HTTP/2 was first discussed when it became apparent that SPDY was gaining traction with implementers (like Mozilla and nginx), and was showing significant improvements over HTTP/1.x.After a call for proposals and a selection process, SPDY/2 was chosen as the basis for HTTP/2.

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By 2002, well over 90% of Internet users were browsing with Internet Explorer.