Evemon not updating skills

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EVE Fitting Tool, or EFT, might not be the most useful program for your average Internet gamer, but for players of EVE Online this tool may be extremely useful. g=posts&t=24359 I spent like an hour trying to figure out why it wouldnt work and then someone told Me I need to download it from the forums. Instead of having to wait for your ship skills finish training and then experimenting with your fitting, you can plan what to plug in without even owning the ship itself.

Splitter bar positions in the browsers are remembered correctly Moving entries around in large plans will reposition the plan window to the new location Moving groups of plan entries in the plan no longer reverses the order of the entries Deleting characters now really does delete the character Search text in the browsers is now correctly selected with the standard windows CTRL A shortcut Evemon behaves properly during a windows shutdown or restart event The count of level V skills on the character sheet updates correctly when a level V skill completes Features: Separate XML downloads from CCP - CCP have worked with us to reduce load on their servers and have introduced a new file which we can retrieve every 15 minutes and contains just the data for the currently training skill.

________________________________________I noticed the increase I crashes since the last update, before IOS 8.

Possibly unrelated, since i OS 8 the app crashes every other time it is launched.

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