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And the most common response, by about one in six people in this age range, is to have had sex with just one person, As I revealed on Saturday, sexual activity actually is in decline, despite our apparently sex-obsessed age, with the typical British adult having sex just three times a month.This figure is also true for the younger generation — but while this group might be having surprisingly little sex, they're having it with more people than they used to: 30 per cent of women aged 25 to 34 said they'd had more than ten partners.Every time there's a sex survey, something very odd happens. It revealed that in a lifetime men have an average of 14 partners, exactly double the average for women.You might think it's a consequence of men getting around more, but for this type of statistic, it is mathematically impossible: surely, if they are having sex with each other, the figures should be exactly the same.“I felt that everybody was saying stuff that they didn’t know [sic],” Sean added.Ms Connell told NBC she wanted people to understand “that we love each other very much and that this was simply a case of formality with an insurance claim”.

According to the most accurate figures around — the 2010 British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles — the average 35 to 44-year-old woman has had five sexual partners, while for men the figure is eight.

Given the number of headlines about teenage single mothers from deprived backgrounds, you'd be forgiven for assuming that being in a lower social class equals an increased likelihood of promiscuous behaviour.

But you'd be wrong, because, in fact, having more than ten sexual partners in your lifetime is associated with higher social class and educational status, with nearly double the rates in professional women compared with those in routine occupations.

And speaking on NBC’s Today show, Sean defended his aunt.

He said: “She would never do anything to hurt the family or myself and she loves us.” Ms Connell's actions were widely criticised including by social media users.

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