Is musiq soulchild dating anyone

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Is musiq soulchild dating anyone

May 15, 2017: Musiq Soulchild announced last month that he got a popular Instagram blogger named Ms Wrights Way pregnant.She gained popularity for promoting breast feeding & pole danced with her baby.

Till now in 2016 she is dating or dated to two men i.e. In personal life of this black beauty singer, media covered her first love with Musiq.

But the fact is that their love story is not open like other or might be that was just friendship.

In one interview her ex boyfriend confessed that he likes her company as she is one of the realest persons to whom he met and people are so foolish presumed it as romance.

That's how much I dug it; when you see me, I want you to automatically think of music." The stage name "Musiq Soulchild" is techinally two ideas.

'Musiq' is the front man and 'Soulchild' is the idea behind it.

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Well yesterday – on Mother’s Day – Ms Wrights Way announced their​ breakup on social media.

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