Mature dating in carribean

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Mature dating in carribean

It would be dangerous to try to say that one country is better than another, especially when we know nothing about your own personality.

But there are a number of aspects that are higher priorities to us seniors than to our younger shipmates: 1.

Given that we are more likely to travel solo, and, ironically, more likely to travel in extended multigenerational family groups with decades separating the ages of youngest and oldest members, we prize ships with options for all types of travelers.

We may have mobility or health issues, so top-notch medical care and accessible ships are more likely to be high on our list.

In the first place, we want what all other cruisers do: we like the ease of having most of the nuts-and-bolts travel details worked out for us; we like the idea of traveling to multiple destinations while unpacking only once; we appreciate top-notch pampering, service and excellent food; and we like the bang for our buck that cruising provides.

Itinerary choice has a greater degree of importance to us since we've already traveled to many destinations.

Also important are the quality and quantity of enrichment programs available onboard to keep our brains active in retirement.

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