Pagdating ng panahon 2 disc

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Pagdating ng panahon 2 disc

And here’s the 2015 update which not only sees more cosmetic alterations but also introduces a new logo as well as a new marketing tagline.

His single Pagdating ng Panahon became a major hit in 2001 and it enabled his to start a music career. Mamahalin mo rin Mamahalin mo rin Di pa siguro bukas Di pa rin ngayon Malay mo balang araw Dumating din iyon Lyrics taken from If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts.Cariza "Aiza" Yamson Seguerra (born September 17, 1983) is a Filipino actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist. 's Little Miss Philippines 1987 he became a child star starring in several movies and TV shows. 604 Six O Four Bringin It 6Cyclemind Project 6 350 6Cyclemind Fiesta CD DVD 450 6 Cycle Mind Home Autographed CD 6Cyclemind Home .. 6Cyclemind Panorama 450 9th Avenue s/t Aaron Right Next To Me 350 Aegis Paskung-Pasko 350 Agaw Agimat Patak. After Image Our Place Under The Sun 350 After Image Lites .. Agot Isidro Silver Series 350 Aiza Seguerra Greatest Hits Gift Box 3-Disc Collection Aiza Seguerra Songs From The Vault. Aiza Seguerra Perhaps Love Aiza Seguerra 18 Greatest Hits 250 Aiza Seguerra Open Arms Aiza Seguerra Live! Live in Concert 250 Aiza Seguerra Sabi ng Kanta 300 Aiza Seguerra Pinakamamahal 300 Aiza Seguerra 25th of December (digipack) 300 Aiza Seguerra 25th of December (jewel case) 300 Aiza Seguerra Pagdating ng Panahon Minus One Aiza Seguerra Pagdating ng Panahon Ajka Undefined 250 Alexis Arimunding-munding Allan K Ang Ganda Ganda Ko Alynna Someone Like Me The Ambassadors Life Goes On SOLD!!! KZ Tandingan s/t 350 Laarni Lozada s/t Signed CD La Diva s/t (Double Disc). Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Latin Festival Ballroom Dancing Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Encore Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Ballroom Dancing Lala Stars s/t with Christian Bautista 350 Lani Misalucha Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection Lani Misa Lucha 18 Greatest Hits 250 Lani Misa Lucha Live Volume 1&2 (Digipack) 500 Lani Misalucha The Crossover Live Tour II 300 Lani Misalucha The Crossover Live Tour I. Lani Misalucha Silver Series 350 Lani Misalucha Loving You (jewel case) 450 Lani Misalucha Loving You (digipack) Lani Misalucha All Heart Lani Misalucha Tunay Na Mahal 450 Lara Cuevas Sana Minsan Pa 300 Lara Cuevas This Moment 250 Larry Marshall Katawang Kano Pusong Pinoy Lea Navarro Leah at Pag-ibig Re-Issue Series Lea Navarro s/t Re-Issue Series Lea Salonga Cinderella Lea Salonga Baby Musical 1000 Lea Salonga Inspired . Lea Salonga 100% Lea gives her Best.................. Michael V The Bubble G Anthology CD DVD Michael V The Ultimate OPM Collection Michelle Ayalde s/t SOLD!!! Aiza Seguerra Covers Uncovered 300 Aiza Seguerra Pagdating ng Panahon Special Collectors Edition De Luxe 2-Disc Aiza Seguerra Afirst! 1 Special Collectors Edition Kuh Ledesma A Long Long Time Ago Special Collectors Edition Kuh Ledesma Dito ba Special Collectors Edition Kyla Essence of Soul The Hits Collection Minus One 2-Disc Kyla Heart Songs Deluxe Edition 3-Disc Kyla Heartfelt Minus One Autographed CD Kyla Not Your Ordinary Girl Special Edition CD AVCD Kyla Not Your Ordinary Girl Autographed CD Kyla s/t SOLD!!! The Members s/t 350 Menchu Apostol Silver Series MGage Tanging Ikaw Michael Angelo Wish Michael Pangilinan s/t Michael V The Bubble G Anthology CD VCD (jewelcase)SOLD!!!

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Blanktape Chika Lang Yon 250 Blaze N Kane Last of A Dying Breed 250 The Bloomfields s/t 350 Blow Rock Manila (feat Diether Ocampo) Blue Ketchup Kwento Pop 350 Blussssh s/t BNB Bossa Mia Songs of Abba 300 BNB Bossa Down Abbey Road (Beatles) 300 Bojo Molina Bojo Bonggo Lets Celebrate 2-Disc Bonggo Deep Inside My Mind Bonggo Fighting for Excellence Bong Penera The Best of Samba Ritmo 350 Bong Penera s/t Re-Issue Series Bong Penera Batucada sa Kalesa Re-Issue Series Boy2 Byaheng Reggae 350 Boy Abunda Love Life 350 Boys Night Out s/t 350 Brenan Espartinez s/t Brenan Michael & Charmaine BMC 350 Brix Released (of South Border ) 1000 The Brownbeat All Stars Brownman Revival Ayos Din .. Brownian Method Ang Pagbabalik sa mga Tabian 250 Bugoy Drillon Paano na Kaya SOLD!!! Carol Banawa My Music My Life Carol Banawa Follow Your Heart Carol Banawa Carol Cecile Azarcon Masterpieces Piano Collection Celeste s/t 40th Anniversary Celeste Legaspi Ako at si Celeste Re-Issue Series Cesar Manalili The Guitar Wizard Cesar Montano s/t 350 The Cercados s/t Chad Borja Ikaw Lang sa Habang Buhay Chad Peralta 300 Champagne (Morales) Rekindle 350 Champ Lui Pio Synergy. Dingdong Dantes The Experience Goldilocks CD Version Dingdong Dantes The Experience CD VCD Dingdong Dantes The Experience CD DVD Divo Bayer A Better Me 450 DJ Arbie Won presents United Freestyles V2.0 feat Francis M DJ Coki Dongalo Remixes 1000 Dolphy Quizon Handog ni Pidol Dong Abay Flipino Donna Cruz Silver Series 350 Donna Cruz Merry Christmas 500 Drizzle Personal Dulce, Ivy Violan and Janet Basco Anthology Dulce Maalaala Mo Kaya Special Collectors Edition Dulce s/t Re-Issue Series Duncan Ramos (South Border) Galawgaw Eddie Gil Pinoy Idol Eddie K Silver Series Eddie Munji III Pinoy Jazz Volume 1 A Filipino Jazz Album Eddie Peregrina & the Blinkers Encore Eddie Peregrina Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection Eddie Peregrina 18 Greatest Hits Volume 2 Eddie Peregrina 18 Greatest Hits SOLD!!! Eurasia s/t Eva Eugenio Jukebox Diva CD Minus One Eva Eugenio Jukebox Diva Eva Eugenio The Ultimate OPM Collection The Story of 350 Even s/t 350 Eyescream Memories Faith Cuneta Faith Begins The Live Album 450 Faith Cuneta Pangarap Signed CD Fatima Soriano Visions Fat Session s/t 250 Felix Bakat aka Jhego 350 First Circle Natural Reaction Flip Music #One 250 Florante 18 Greatest Hits 350 Florante Akoy Pinoy 350 Francis Magalona & Ely Buendia In Love and War Francis Magalona Meron Akong Ano 450 Francis Magalona Rap is Francis M 450 Francis M The Best of Francis M (Sony Music) NM Francis Magalona The Ultimate Francis M Minus One Collection Francis M The Ultimate OPM Collection 500 Francis Magalona The 2 in 1 Series Francis M. Francis Magalona Best of Francis M Himig Ng Dekada 90 Freddie Aguilar 18 Greatest Hits 350 Freddie Aguilar Anak Special Collectors Edition Fred Panopio 18 Greatest Hits SOLD!!! Ogie Alcasid I am Singer 300 Ogie Alcasid Mga Kwento ng Pag-ibig Ogie Alcasid OA Sa Hits Live 2-Disc Ogie Alcasid A Better Man 300 Ogie Alcasid The Ultimate OPM Collection 350 Ogie Alcasid 10th All The Best Ogie Alcasid Movie Moments Oj Mariano One Dream Come True The Oktaves s/t 350 Olivia Sweetest Vice 300 Olivia Fall In Love With 300 Olivia A Girl meets Bossanova 2 300 Opera Belles Orange & Lemons Moonlane Gardens Orange and Lemons Strike Whilst The Iron is Hot Repackaged Edition CD AVCD. Orient Pearl Pagbabalik 500 P4 Power Four Pabs Dadivas Hare Krishna Haribol Re-Issue Series Paolo Santos Back to Basics CD Minus One 500 Paolo Santos Rites of Passage 300 Paolo Santos Wave Sessions 2 300 Paolo Santos Wave Sessions 300 Paolo Santos Playlist.. Paramita Liyab Paramita Tala 450 Paramita s/t Parokya Ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol. Parokya Ni Edgar presents Halina Sa Parokya 350 Parokya Ni Edgar Bigotilyo . Patricia Javier s/t Paula Bianca s/t 250 Pedicab Kaya mo Magsando? Regine Velasquez s/t Regine Velasquez Tagala Talaga 500 Renz Verano 40th Anniversary Collection Renz Verano Greatest Hits 350 Renz Verano Lorena 250 Reuben Laurente Heart Blends 450 Rey Valera Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection Rey Valera 18 Greatest Hits Rey Valera Naaalala ka Re-Issue Series Rey Valera Maging Sino ka Man Special Collectors Edition Rey Valera Kung Kailangan Mo Ako Special Collectors Edition Rey Valera Masterpieces Piano Collection 350 Rhap Salazar s/t 350 Rica Peralejo Bollywood Fever 450 Richard Marten s/t 350 Richard Poon For You Cd Minus One 500 Richard Poon Ill Take Care of You Platinum Edition CD Minus One 500 Richard Poon Ill be Seeing You Limited Edition Calendar CD Richard Poon Ill Take Care of You First Pressed 450 Richard Reynoso Akoy Naririto Ric Manrique, Romeo Miranda & Cenon Lagman Mga Harana ng Pagsinta Rico Blanco Galactik Fiestamatik Rico Blanco Your Universe Kahit Walang Sabihin 2 CD Limited Edition Rico Blanco Your Universe Rico J Puno, Rey Valera, Marco Sison & Nonoy Zuniga OPM Hitmakers Rico J Puno & Basil Valdez The Way We Were Live 2-Disc Rico J Puno, Marco Sison & Rey Valera Once Again Rico J Puno Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection Rico J Puno 18 Greatest Hits Rico J Puno All Hits Walang Kupas Rico J Puno Silver Series Rico J Puno & Friends With Love in our Hearts Rico J Puno s/t Rico J Puno Aliw (Sony Music) Rico J Puno Aliw Rico J Puno The Way We Were Special Collectors Edition Rico J Puno Kapalaran Special Collectors Edition Rico J Puno Spirit of Christmas Ric Segreto 18 Greatest Hits 350 Ric Segreto Vicor Music 40th Anniversary Collection Ric Segreto Kahit Konting Pagtingin Special Collectors Edition Rivermaya Panatang Makabanda Promo CD (sealed) Rivermaya 18 Greatest Hits 350 Rivermaya Closest Thing to Heaven 450 Rivermaya Silver Series 350 Rivermaya Buhay Rivermaya Bagong Liwanag EP Rivermaya Isang Ugat Isang Dugo 350 Rivermaya Greatest Hits 2006 The Ultimate Collection 350 Rivermaya Makaaasa ka/ Youll Be Safe Here Globe kabayan EPs Rivermaya Between the Stars and Waves Special Edition Rivermaya Live and Acoustic featuring Slapshock CD VCD Rivermaya Live and Acoustic featuring Slapshock CD VCD with Slipcase P850 Rivermaya Live and Acoustic First Pressed with Slipcase cd vcd (Autographed 2nd hand cd Php1000 Rivermaya Greatest Hits Himig ng Dekada 90. Rizal Underground Polyeast Gold Series 350 Rizza Navales s/t 450 RJ Duets 2-Disc RJ Muli 450 RJ Rock N Roll Classics 450 Robin Padilla Harana Romantic Quartet Music (Jerome Nunez of The Mannos) I Vow to Love Thee Rommel Guevara Buong Puso Live Worship Rommel Guevara King of Our Hearts live worship Ron Henley Wala Pang Titulo 250 Ronnie Liang May Minamahal 250 Roselle Nava Muli 250 Roselle Nava Forever Love Songs 300 Roselle Nava Bare 450 Roselle Nava All About Love CD VCDSOLD!!! Smokey Mountain Greatest Hits Soapdish Goodluck Goodbye 300 Soapdish Reloaded CD AVCD Soapdish s/t 450 Sofia I Believe Somedaydream South Border Episode III Platinum Edition 2-Disc Sponge Cola Ultrablessed 350 Sponge Cola Ultrablessed CD DVD Sponge Cola The Repack Album 2-Disc. Sponge Cola s/t First Pressed vg 500 Sponge Cola Transit Deluxe Edition CD AVCD .. Sponge Cola Transit First Pressed Sponge Cola Palabas First Pressed Stephanie Dan Love to Love Acoustic Still The Spilling Of My Heart 350 Stonefree Delorean ..

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