Reggie bush dating kim kardashian impersonator Sex in wechat

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Reggie bush dating kim kardashian impersonator

The latest is a woman named Sonia Ali, who runs a business with her makeup artist sister, Fyza Ali, across London and the Middle East. With the number of her doppelgängers on the rise, it seemed high time to round up some of the recent additions to the club to see how much each one really looks like Mrs. Sonia Ali" data-reactid="30"From this angle, Sonia looks a lot like Kim.(Photo: Instagram)The most recent addition to the army of Kims, Sonia Ali is a pretty close match. Well Metisha Schaefer, or just "Metisha" if you're nasty is an Egyptian model who bares an insane resemblance to Kim K.

Some of the of the women on this list were naturally gifted with the ability to be a Kim Kardashian look alike, but others went so far as to pay extraordinary amounts of money to look just like their idol. To be a Kim Kardashiam impersonator is to give your life over to something bigger than yourself. Committing yourself to being a Kim Kardashian hot lookalike is a full time commitment.

Kim Kardashian and Old Navy aren't exactly BFF these days.

Not after Old Navy launched an advertisement which allegedly uses a model that looks strikingly similar to Kim.

As you may recall, Brody famously DIDN'T attend Kim and Kanye's wedding overseas because he was "working." Although, it was rumored he snubbed the nuptials after they snubbed inviting his girlfriend.

Whatever the case, Brody seems to have no hard feelings with Reggie as he snapped a pic of the two couples together and happily posted it on his Instagram.

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From the start, she was adamant that —despite her penchant for signature eye makeup and pouty lips of Kim — she didn’t try to copy the look. )Unlike Kamilla, Kim look-alike Claire Leeson wasn’t shy about the surgery she’d had to look more like the reality star. Claire revealed that while growing up she was told she was "the ugliest thing alive” and that she “should kill” herself. While the overall look captures the spirit of Kim, however, some of the details (like her heart-shaped face) fall short of the perfection of other Kim twins.4.