Validating pad printing process

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Validating pad printing process

An original print is a work of art created by hand and printed by hand, either by the artist or by a professional assistant (often called an artisan), from a plate, block, stone, or stencil that has been hand created by the artist for the sole purpose of producing the desired image.

The plates or stencils it is printed from bear no resemblance to the finished work of art, which means it is not a copy or a reproduction of anything.

Calibration and validation are two processes in manufacturing to guarantee the quality of the product or related apparatus.

With the calibration, the measurements are compared with an accepted reference measurement, to assure the considered measurements comply with the requirements.

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Finishing Service: A company that performs a custom process to a component or product manufactured elsewhere. Service: A company that provides a service such as rental, repair, security, training, cleaning, etc.

Manufacturers' Rep: A sales company that is contracted by a manufacturer to sell their products.

Each print produced is technically a unique work although produced as a signed and numbered multiple. The original print is usually produced as a limited number of impressions, another word for print. Although there are many of the same image in an edition, each print is an individual part of the whole, the whole being the edition.

An original print is actually one piece of a multiple original work of art.

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